Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating

The Nationally Certified Sun-Pak Hot Water System

Bobcat & Sun Inc. can help you to become more energy efficient and move towards energy independence with the installation of a Solar Water Heating System for your home or business.  Why not capture all of Bend Oregon's sunshine and use it to heat your domestic hot water and even heat your home?

There are several cash incentives to help reduce your overall costs for system installation.  The Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit and a new federal tax credit are available through 2016 and we do all the paperwork for you.  Bobcat & Sun is also a Trade Ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon.  The ETO represents both PPL and Cascade Natural Gas to facilitate the incentive program.  Bobcat & Sun is also an approved solar contractor for CEC Inc.

It all begins with the installation of a Sun-Pak solar water heating system on your roof.  All Central Oregon installed Sun-Pak systems include a five year service guarantee.  And we have systems on homes locally that sport a thirty year operating track record. 

The secret to the success of the Sun-Pak system is advanced drainback technology. 

Conversely, antifreeze filled systems require service every two to five years of operation.  Several factors affect the required service schedule of these systems.  The Sun-Pak system is virtually maintenance free and can provide hot water all twelve months of the year.  Many applications exist where only antifreeze supported systems will work.  For these instances Bobcat & Sun has developed the Sun-Pak II solar water heating system.

New construction or retrofit, solar DHW systems fit in just about anywhere.  Keep in mind that an older or worn roofing material should be replaced prior to the installation of your solar water heating system. The Sun-Pak system has been awarded OG-300 national certification by the Solar Rating & Certification Corportation.  This means you will have the credentials you need to qualify for the Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit.