Energy Incentives

If you have a solar energy system installed by Bobcat & Sun Inc., you most likely qualify for all energy tax credits available!  Qualifying solar water heating systems can now claim 30% of the total system cost as a federal tax credit.  There is no federal cap.

Solar Water Heating in Oregon:
Signed into law by Govenor Brown last month, NEW State of Oregon tax credits are now available.  Starting on Sept. 1st, 2015, applications for new system installations will be accepted. You can heat water for your home with a qualifying solar system and get a tax credit worth $2.00 per estimated kWh saved during the first year, up to $6,000.  The credit cannot exceed 50% of the total system cost.  Solar pool heating systems are eligible for a tax credit similar to the solar water tax credit based on 0.20 cents per kWh saved, not to exceed 50 percent of the cost of the system.

Solar Space Heating in Oregon:
You can heat your home with a solar space heating system and get a tax credit of estimated kWh saved during the first year, up to $6,000.  The system must meet at least a specific percentage of the total energy requirements for heating the home.

Federal Tax Credits:
30% of the cost of a qualifying system (no cap), can be used as a dollar for dollar federal tax credit.

Utility Incentives:
As of July 1st, 2015, no utility incentives are available.

Just Rewards:
$100 from Bobcat & Sun Inc. for the name of someone you know who is interested in a solar hot water system. If they install, we send you a check or have them call us and mention your name. If they install, we send you $100. This is for present and existing customers only.