Radiant Heating Systems by Infloor

Infloor Heating Systems are the most comfortable, efficient heating systems you'll never see.  Once your hydronic (water) system is installed, you can choose from a variety of heat sources to deliver the energy for total home comfort.  Gas, electric, oil, solar, wood and updated technologies like Geo Thermal Heat Pump (GTHP) or Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) provide you with many options.

Get creative with your comfort.  Areas like walls and ceilings, benches and hearths, garages and greenhouses as well as the floors in your home or business provide an opportunity to install radiant heat.

How it works

Hot water is heated by a boiler, for instance and then pumped through distribution tubing embedded in the floor or concrete.  Radiant heat moves from the tubing through the air in waves without heating the air, similar to radio waves.  As heat moves to cooler surfaces like walls, furniture and people, it warms those surfaces.  Radiant heat is always trying to reach thermal equilibrium.  When all of the surfaces around you are warmed to the same temperature, you no longer feel chilled.

And it's smart, too. Almost every system we install contains a "smart" device called outdoor reset.  As the outside temperatures raise and lower during the daytime and nighttime, the boiler will raise and lower its delivery temperature to maintain comfort in the home.  The ability of the heating system to instantly react to a change in weather not only provides more comfort for the inhabitants but it also reduces your energy use by supplying more heat (re-igniting the boiler) only if it is required.

If you are considering an infloor heating system for your new home, it is a good idea to get with your contractor before the building plans are finalized. Bobcat & Sun offers free estimates and would be happy to help you plan ahead for infloor heating. Contact us by E-mail or telephone us at (541) 389-7365.